Recognizing the power of our collective impact, we pledge unity when responding to disaster or crisis.

If you are moved to respond when disaster strikes and wish to make a meaningful impact in the lives and communities most affected, we are here to help you realize that vision.

As a member of the entertainment community, you understand the convening power of artists, athletes, influencers, content creators and distributors in the midst of crisis. We can amplify our impact when we stand together.

Music for Relief will activate in response to natural disasters by providing critical guidance and infrastructure to the entertainment community and mobilizing efforts to best serve those impacted by a disaster.

Our advisory council includes a team of experts in the field of crisis response.

  • Dr. Irwin Redlener, National Center for Disaster Preparedness, Columbia University, Earth Institute, Director
  • Regine Webster, Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Vice President
  • Kirsten Mildren, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), Public Advocacy & Campaigns, Strategic Communications, Chief
  • Abby Browning, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Office of Private Sector/ Non-Governmental Organization Coordination, Chief
  • Graham Everett, Los Angeles Fire Department, Deputy Chief

Music for Relief maintains partnerships with prominent humanitarian organizations and on-the-ground, grassroots teams to provide aid when and where it is needed.

We secure donated print, radio, television and outdoor advertising inventory to spread the word about how people can join our collaborative industry response.

Music for Relief sends an update within 24 hours of an emergency with details from the ground, a link to donate, sample copy and assets to share with artists/team members, as well as additional ways to offer support.

Within 48 hours of a natural disaster of a size and scale that overwhelms community resources, Music for Relief will engage those who pledged their collaboration to deliver critical information from its advisory council and strategize on the creative community’s response.

We thank the extraordinary members of the entertainment community who have already joined as Unity Partners:

To join EIF as a Unity Partner please contact Whitney Showler at wshowler@eifoundation.org

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