The damage brought by the Nepal earthquake, the devastation along the US Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Katrina and the severe impact of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami has increased interest in planting natural barriers to mitigate future disasters.

Mangrove forests are among the most effective ecosystems in protecting vulnerable coastlines and populations from destructive natural events. They provide key nursery areas for fish and are homes to other animal species, including waterbirds and an abundance of sea life. They also offer the source of livelihood for millions of people living along the tropical coastal areas.

This year Music For Relief started a long-term project with WiLDCOAST to protect and conserve 61 miles of mangroves in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The launch event was hosted on April 16 at the Mobli Beach House at Venice, California. WiLDCOAST, an organization of fifteen years dedicated to the protection of coastal and marine ecosystems and wildlife in California and Latin America, will work together with Music For Relief to increase awareness and raise funds to join the mangrove restoration cause and conserve the threatened habitats.

Donate here to help us protect and conserve our coastline.

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