The beauty and tranquility of forests all over the world – from the tropics to the tundra – inspire everyone. Almost 300 million people and eight out of ten land-dwelling species live in forests, but threats to the world’s forests are growing. We are losing forests at a rate of 48 football fields per minute. Protecting our forests helps sustain nature’s diversity, benefit our climate and support human well-being.

Music For Relief’s partner World Wildlife Fund (WWF) uses many approaches to protect forests: creating and strengthening policies to deter illegally sourced timber and securing long-term funding for permanent protection; and working with companies that want to create a market for environmentally responsible forest products.

Please join WWF on social media to tell the world it’s vital to protect our Earth’s amazing forests:

  1. Get a photo of yourself hugging a tree… or, if you’re camera shy, please feel free to use a photo of your friend hugging a tree.
  2. Post it on social media using #hugatree between April 20-26.

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