Power The World

Power The World

1.3 billion people in the world lack access to electricity. This staggering fact ignited Linkin Park’s interest in helping to find solutions. In support of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative, Linkin Park has pledged to Power the World by helping raise awareness about energy access, highlighting solutions and providing clean energy tools.


Solar Lights in Haiti

Power the World’s is bringing solar lights to families in Haiti, where 8 million people live without access to sustainable energy and frequently use candles or kerosene to light their homes. A $10 donation provides one solar powered lightbulb and will improve the quality of life for a family by lighting their home and enabling children to study, families to read, and all to feel safe and healthy.


Solar Suitcases in Uganda

We are improving health outcomes for mothers and babies by sending Solar Suitcases to clinics and hospitals in Uganda where maternal mortality rates are at a crisis point. These Solar Suitcases provide power for  medical lighting and mobile communication and medical devices to help save lives of mothers and babies.


SOCCKET in South America

Power the World provides children with SOCCKETs, soccer balls that also function as portable generators. Each SOCCKET has the capability to power LED lamps, fans, cell phone chargers, water purifiers and audio speakers for an entire family.


Clean Cookstoves in Nepal

Electricity is a privilege unavailable to most poor families in Nepal. Because of this they must rely on thousands of pounds of wood a year for their daily cooking needs. We are bringing clean, biogas cookstoves to families to improve their health, safety and protect the environment.

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