Nepal Earthquake Update


On April 25 at 11:56 local time, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, with the epicenter in Lamjung District, about 50 miles northwest of Kathmandu.  Some 8 million people were affected, including 2.8 million who are now displaced from their homes. There is widespread damage and destruction of buildings, health facilities, roads and other public infrastructure.

On May 12, a second 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck, with its epicenter near Namche, at the base of Mt. Everest, exacerbating an already difficult situation. The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks including a 6.3 magnitude quake.

With the onset of the monsoon season, it is critical that families are provided with shelter, adequate water and sanitation, and that they continue to receive urgently needed medical care, to prevent the spread of illness and keep communities healthy.

Over the past two months, Music for Relief has contributed more than $350,000 to our partners on the ground in Nepal, International Medical Corps and Oxfam.  To date MFR funds have helped provide the following:

  • The operation ofMobile Medical Units for 2 months, serving on average 200 patients per medical unit per day. With approx. 185,000 total beneficiaries (via our partner IMC)
  • Clean drinking water for 21,000 beneficiaries (via our partner Oxfam)
  • Shelter / tents for more than 500 families (via our partner Oxfam)
  • More than 700 hygiene kits to help prevent disease (via our partner Oxfam)
  • More than 460 toilet and washing facilities for families to help prevent disease (via our partner Oxfam)

We have received support from White Feather Foundation, Love Hope Strength, Pandora, Delta Rae and countless individual donors!




Photo: Aubrey Wade/Oxfam

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