Nepal Earthquake – One Year Later

On April 25th, 2015 a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated Nepal — closely followed by a destructive 7.3-magnitude earthquake in May. Almost 9,000 lives were lost and 850,000 homes destroyed or damaged.

Thanks to your generous support, Music for Relief was able to provide immediate aid and has continued to support the impacted communities in the longer term alongside our partners Oxfam and International Medical Corps (IMC). Immediate interventions included emergency medical care, clean water, hygiene kits, emergency shelters, food and more — basic necessities that saved lives and relieved suffering in the days following the earthquake. In the long term, MFR donations continue to help with psychosocial support, physical therapy, and the rebuilding of health system infrastructure, water and sanitation and cash for work programs.

Music for Relief has contributed over $470,000 for Nepal earthquake relief to date.  These funds have helped support our partners in the following projects.

Oxfam reached more than 480,000 people, with the following:

  • 49,978 emergency shelters distributed
  • 54,365 people received hygiene kits
  • 20,422 households involved in cash for work programs
  • 5,000 latrines constructed
  • 13,097 kits distributed to help people cope with the winter

IMC has helped 764,506 people with the following:

  • The training of more than 3,100 health providers and community members in areas of hygiene, psychosocial support, and treatment for malnutrition
  • 97,274 people with access to improved health care through the rebuilding of 22 health posts
  • 55,992 people with access to physical therapy and rehabilitation services
  • 2,120 latrines constructed within affected communities
  • 213,557 children under five years-old with access to increased nutrition care through 7 stabilization centers
  • 23,375 women and girls with access to women-centered support and reproductive care
  • 1,706 people with psychosocial support

There has been tremendous progress in the recovery effort, however, the people of Nepal are still in need of support to rebuild and strengthen communities and infrastructure — you can contribute to our long-term relief efforts here.


Photo: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

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