Mercedes-AMG Supports MFR’s Solar Suitcase Program

Last night, Linkin Park along with Music for Relief friends and supporters gathered to celebrate the life-saving Solar Suitcase and Mercedes-AMG’s contribution to Music for Relief to bring light to 50 health clinics in Nigeria.

The event was graciously hosted at a beautiful home thanks to our friends at Teles Properties.

Supporters like Mike D, Kelly Rowland, Eric Roberts, the Mercedes-AMG team, and long-time MFR advocates came out to learn how Solar Suitcases can dramatically reduce material mortality.

Over the course of just one year these 50 cases will help health workers deliver 12,000 babies under reliable solar lights, impacting the lives of 24,000 women and babies.

Inspired by the gift from Mercedes-AMG, the organization has set a larger goal to fund another 40 solar suitcases in Gambia. Each suitcase costs $2,500 and will help provide safer conditions for 240 births annually.

Your contribution in any amount can make a meaningful impact in the lives of thousands, because something as simple as adequate lighting can save lives.

If you’re making a year-end charitable gift in 2016, consider making it now to Music for Relief to help us light up clinics in Gambia, where maternal mortality is 10 times higher than the maternal mortality rate in the U.S.

Click here to donate today.

We are incredibly grateful for your support.

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