Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew has hit the Caribbean, and made landfall Tuesday, October 4, near Les Anglais, Haiti, at around 7 a.m. ET.

The situation in Les Cayes, Haiti is catastrophic. There is flooding throughout the city, trees ripped out of the ground, ruined crops, hundreds injured, and major destruction to any building not made of concrete. Hurricane Matthew is the biggest storm to hit Haiti in 52 years.

Haiti is particularly vulnerable with at least 60,000 people still living in tents and temporary shelter following the 2010 earthquake, and heavy deforestation puts many parts of the country at risk of landslides, while heavy rainfall and flooding exacerbate risks for cholera, typhoid, and malaria, all in communities where high levels of malnutrition already exist.

Music for Relief is working diligently to coordinate an effective and efficient response with our partners on the ground.

Details on our response will be made available over the coming days, please stay tuned for updates.

Based on reports from our friends on the ground, we anticipate major destruction and loss of life. We hope that in this critical moment you’ll considering donating to support our immediate relief efforts.

Donate to Haiti

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