• COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response

    Update: April 9, 2020 Since the coronavirus was first reported in China in December of 2019, it has spread to countries around the world, leading the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare it a global pandemic in March. In the U.S., cases have been reported in...

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  • California Wildfires 2019

    In the wake of California’s devastating wildfires, the Entertainment Industry Foundation is offering the entertainment community and the public an immediate way to offer vital support to those most affected. EIF’s Fire Relief Fund, formed in 2017, is part of the overall crisis response program, Music...

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  • Hurricane Dorian Update

    Reprinted with permission from our partners at Center for Disaster Philanthropy Read full blog here: https://disasterphilanthropy.org/disaster/hurricane-dorian/ As with all hurricanes, Dorian is a fast-moving, ever-changing event. This profile is intended to assist philanthropic and individual funders with decisions about needs and impacts in the aftermath of the...

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  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy California Wildfires Recovery Fund

    Music for Relief’s Fire Relief Fund is a proud supporter of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy California Wildfires Recovery Fund which was launched to support recovery efforts in the state following the devastating impacts from the Camp, Woolsey and Hill wildfires. The purpose of the fund included: Fostering...

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