Famine Relief in the Horn of Africa

The United Nations declared famine in parts of South Sudan and there is a growing national disaster in Somalia; people are already dying of malnutrition.

In the wake of the extreme drought in the region, crops necessary for feeding the population through East and Central Africa failed, leaving millions without food.  In South Sudan, the situation has been complicated by three years of civil war.  Families desperate to feed themselves have been fleeing to find help.

Music for Relief is partnering with International Medical Corps, in the most affected regions– where some estimates show a 435% increase in the number of people needing nutrition services –  to provide malnutrition treatment as well as medical aid via clinics and mobile medical units.

In Somalia, some regions are reporting 40% of the population is already experiencing crisis and emergency levels of malnutrition. International Medical Corps has also opened three Cholera Treatment Centers in Jowhar to respond to the active cholera outbreak there. On average 50% of cases admitted are testing positive for Cholera.

Please help Music for Relief and International Medical Corps fund, nutrition, health and clean water services in the greater Horn of Africa region.

The growing needs in Eastern and Central Africa are quickly outpacing available services, more resources are needed to expand programs and save lives.

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