Environmental Programs


  • Mangroves and Ocean Protection

    Mangroves and Ocean Protection

    Music for Relief partnered with WiLDCOAST to conserve 61 miles of mangroves in Magdalena...

  • Power The World

    Power The World

    1.3 billion people in the world lack access to electricity. This staggering fact ignited…

  • Reforestation in Brazil

    Reforestation in Brazil

    Music for Relief contributed $57,000 in 2011 for the planting of 57,000 trees with...

  • Reforestation in US and Canada

    Reforestation in US and Canada

    Linkin Park has contributed $1 per ticket from their touring in North America since...

  • Reforestation in Haiti

    Reforestation in Haiti

    Music for Relief funds Konpay’s reforestation project in and around the village of Cyvadier,...

  • Reforestation in Israel

    Reforestation in Israel

    Following the worst forest fires in Israel’s history which burned areas of the Carmel...

  • MFR Green Home

    MFR Green Home

    As a part of our ongoing partnership with Habitat for Humanity, MFR funded and...

  • One Million Trees

    One Million Trees

    MFR has planted over 1 million trees to restore forests that help clean the...

Environmental News & Information

U.S. Climate Has Already Changed, Study Finds, Citing Heat and Floods

The effects of human-induced climate change are being felt in every corner of the United States, scientists reported Tuesday, with water growing scarcer in dry regions….Read More.

Gulf Oil Spill “Not Over”: Dolphins, Turtles Dying in Record Numbers

Four years after the biggest oil spill in U.S. history, several species of wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico are still struggling to recover, according to a new report released today….Read More.

UCLA study yields more accurate data on thousands of years of climate change

Using a cutting-edge research technique, UCLA researchers have reconstructed the temperature history of a region that plays a major role in determining climate….Read More.


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