Thank You To Our Supporters

2015 was a big year for Music for Relief, and we couldn’t have made such a tremendous impact without support from our generous and caring community. Take a look at what we were able to accomplish this past year:


Nepal Response:

Following the magnitude 7.8 earthquake in Nepal on April 25, MFR activated it’s community within the first 24 hours via social media and an organization wide e-blast. In partnership with Oxfam and International Medical Corps, MFR was able to provided funding for mobile medical units, shelter, water, and hygiene kits to prevent the spread of disease. In total, MFR was able to raise $438,000 and provide aid to over 111,393 survivors. MFR also had the honor of being chosen as the beneficiaries of Julian Lennon’s White Feather Foundation and Love, Hope Strengths fundraising campaigns.

A disaster of this magnitude requires long-term aid to help rebuild and strengthen the devastated community. Strategies for long-term aid will be determined through discussions with our project partners and the Center for Disaster Philanthropy.


Relief Live:

In celebration of MFR’s 10th Anniversary, supporters, project partners, and artists came together for an evening of inspired cuisine, live and silent auctions, as well as live music, all to raise funds and the organizations profile. It was MFR’s first large-scale event and we’re proud to report that we raised a net of $165,000. Events such as this allow us the opportunity to build new relationship with various artists, brands, and potential donors and strengthen relationships with longtime supporters.

MFR is also proud to announce we executed a truly green event by eliminating all plastic; opting for iPads and chalk walls instead of paper; sourcing ingredients from local farms; offsetting our CO2 emissions; donating leftover food to local nonprofit that feeds the homeless; and gifted reusable water bottles and 100% organic eco friendly tees.


Ocean Protection Program: Mangroves Preservation:

MFR launched it’s first Ocean Protection Program Mangroves preservation in Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico with a beachside event informing and activating their community of supporters. The project—in partnership with WiLDCOAST—sets out to protect and conserve 61 miles of mangroves, which are among the most effective ecosystems in protecting vulnerable coastline populations from potentially destructive natural events and provide a homes for a variety of species from waterbirds to an abundance of sea life.

Although fundraising for this project was suspended due to the Nepal earthquake, MFR has incorporated strategies into the 2016 Strategic Plan in order to meet their goal.

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