“October 29th will mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane SandyÍs devastating landfall in the U.S. Since partnering with Save The Children, they have been able to reach more than 48,000 people affected by the disaster. We have been able to establish 16 Child Friendly Spaces that provide protective environments in shelters to allow children to develop coping mechanisms, socialize, and learn. Journey of Hope has also been established for teachers and child care providers to help themselves and children express and process fears and emotions experienced from the disaster. MFRÍs partner, Save the Children has provided grants to 41 child-care and education providers to assist them in re-equipping their facilities.
For the long-term phase of our Hurricane Sandy response we continue to focus on child-care and education, psychosocial recovery, and advocacy and preparedness. Since partnering with International Medical Corps, they have been able to provide cholera treatment and education and help prevent the spread of cholera in northern Haiti. They have reinforced the capacity of health centers to respond to cholera outbreaks, deliver medical supplies and drugs, and increase cholera prevention awareness at the community level. International Medical Corps has educated more than 34,000 people on the importance of proper hygiene practices to prevent the spread of cholera, and distributed thousands of water purification tablets and oral rehydration salt packets. Cholera remains a serious threat in Haiti, and even more during hurricane season, therefore we will continue to spread awareness and treatment.
You can continue to follow our response for Hurricane Sandy with Save The Children and International Medical Corps.”

Comprised of musicians, music industry professionals, and fans, MUSIC FOR RELIEF seeks to bring the music community together to create awareness and raise funds for those in need.

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