Congratulations D2D Prize Winners

Music for Relief would like to thank all of the unsigned artists who submitted a song to MFR’s Download to Donate 2015 Contest.  Linkin Park came up with the idea for Download to Donate in 2010 following the Haiti earthquake. The original album was a compilation of unreleased songs from A-list artists available digitally and it was essential in raising funds for earthquake survivors. MFR created another Download to Donate album in 2011 to bring aid to Japan following the earthquake and tsunami. In recognition of the talent and altruism of unsigned artists, we created Download to Donate 2015: a competition to create an exceptional album with proceeds benefitting our fund for future disasters.

We received nearly 400 original song submissions in the first stage of the competition then you voted for your three favorites in the second stage. Congratulations to First Place Prize Winner: Roxy – Change the World, Second Place Prize Winner: TIF – Than I Were, and Third Place Prize Winner: Rebel Beat – One Man.

Now it’s up to our expert judges to choose which of the submitted tracks will be featured on the D2D digital album released by Warner Bros Records.  Thank you again to everyone who participated.

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